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A Weimaraner can be the best dog you ever had, or your worst nightmare.  The choice is up to you...

The Weimaraner is a short-coated dog. Its colour ranges from light silver-gray to dark gray. The eyes are blue or light amber. The females are usually between 23 and 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 55 and 70 pounds. The males are larger at 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder and 65 to 85 pounds.

This breed is used for hunting pheasant, quail and other upland birds and waterfowl. They are bred for intelligence and stamina, to be able to work all day in the field. They love to work and play and have a seemingly endless energy. When not working, they are part of the family, being included in everything you do.

Although they excel at hunting, they are used for obedience, tracking, as show dogs and as therapy dogs, as drug detectors and as companions. They are a versatile dog with the brains and energy to do almost anything.

Does this sound like what you are looking for?

Then read on...


The following pretty well describes a Weimaraner.

  • Intelligent
  • fun loving
  • demanding
  • strong-willed
  • devoted to his family
  • spiteful
  • loving
  • takes charge if no one else does
  • good with children
  • bossy
  • mischievous
  • responsive
  • stubborn
  • a guardian
  • a good watch dog
  • a good friend

Are you confused?

The Weimaraner is at times almost human. The degree of any of these traits depends on several things, but how the dog is raised has a big influence.

A Weimaraner knows that someone should be in charge, should be the leader. If one of the humans in the family isn't the leader, the dog will take over. However, when one of the humans is in charge, the Weimaraner will accept its role as a family member.

The Weimaraner Personality

If you are a couch potato and live in a small apartment, no, a Weimaraner would not be a good idea. Neither of you could be happy and the dog would soon become a problem to live with. If you like moderate exercise, such as walking and/or have a fenced yard where you can let the dog out safely, yes, it could work out well for both of you.

If you can't say no and mean it or set boundaries of good behaviour, don't get a Weimaraner. It would run the place. If you want an intelligent, stimulating companion that will require daily sessions of attention, training, togetherness and fun, the Weimaraner might be for you.

If you want a dog that sits quietly and waits for you to notice them, you should look at another breed.

This is a breed you will either love or hate. Spend as much time around Weimaraners as you can before you decide if this is the breed for you.

How much training will be needed?

The time you need will depend on two things.

  1. What you want to teach (housebreaking, basic manners, tricks, advanced obedience work, retrieving, etc.)
  2. How you train (consistency, praise, patience and repetition work best with a Wei)

Weimaraners are generally easy to housebreak and crate-train. They like to be clean with their personal habits and Mom will teach them early lessons. Many breeders begin elementary Housebreaking before the puppies leave for their new homes. Many breeders will also begin gentling ; exercise at a young age to get the puppies used to being handled.

Most people recommend that you should attend at least puppy socialisation and basic obedience class with your Weimaraner. The exercise will be good for both of you and it will help establish that you are boss, while teaching both of you useful skills. Besides, it can be fun. Who knows, you may even have the class clown.

Weimaraners can learn to do almost everything. Weim people often tell stories of their dogs who can turn on the faucet to get a drink, open doors, even one who figured out how to turn on a microwave. They can open the typical fence gate latch in a flash. They can learn as many tricks as you or they can think of.

Providing you are prepared to put the time into them you will find them a loving and devoted companion but beware...they are not for the faint hearted. A bored Weimaraner can destroy a lounge suite, chew through a door almost as easily as he will rip up your daily paper. Their hunting instinct is very strong and sometimes overrides everything else. You must always be careful with them around stock….sheep etc. Never walk them down the road without a lead, however well trained. They have no concept of traffic awareness and a stray cat will take them into the road before you realise what has happened. They will tolerate their own cat, even like it and sleep with it, but will not allow another cat in their territory. They are not the sort of dog to be ignored. They will accept that you have to go to work, that you have to leave them sometimes but they expect you to spend most of your time with them. They love going out with you, sitting beside you in the car…knowing that they are a very special part of your life.

If this has put you off owning a Weimaraner, all well and good. It is better that you find out before than after. And it is certainly much better for the Weimaraner. If it hasn't put you off, well then perhaps a Weimaraner will find the sort of home it deserves with you.

From Georgianne Oman of the Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois

Mailto: heidi-phil@northwoodsweims.com

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