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"What's New In The Northwoods"



  September 8, 2007 - Abby is a new Champion!  Northwoods Absolute Mischief finished her championship at the Somerset Hills Kennel Club show by going Winners' Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex (over a Top 10 Special)!  What a way to finish....we are so proud!  

  July 21, 2007

Wow!  Don't pinch me, I don't want to wake up!  Look at what happened today:

First time out in the show ring and guess what happened?  Reise (Northwoods N' Greywind Glory Road) won Best of Breed!  What a way to start! Reise was sired by our own CH Northwoods King of the Road (Tripp), out of CH Northwoods N' Greywind By Design (Gucci).  We'll post the photo when we get it!

And then a little further north, our Canadian relation Ryder (Quantrel N' Target's Moonlit Ryd) finished his Canadian championship by going Winner's Dog at the 2007 Weimaraner Association of Canada National Specialty Show!  Ryder was sired by our River (Best in Futurity / Best in Maturity CH Northwoods A River Runs Through It) out of Mira (Am / Can CH Echobar's Toolin' Around Town).  Ryder was bred by Nadine Todd & Barb Heumann, and is owned by Coreen Wynn.  Hopefully, we'll get a photo of this win to post.

A great start and a great finish!  I don't think we've heard the last from these two boys...OK Ryder, now that you finished in Canada its time to conquer the US!


  July 13 - 16, 2007 - Another new title for River's son Dude, and he completed it undefeated!

It's official!  Dude is now American / Canadian Champion Quantrel's Moo-Dee Bloos!  Nadine and Dude ventured up to Canada, and here were the results:
  • 7/13- Oxford Kennel Club, Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex
  • 7/13 - All Pointing Breed show, Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex
  • 7/14 - Oxford Kennel Club, Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed!
  • 7/15 - Oxford Kennel Club, Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex
  • 7/16 - Woodstock District Kennel Club, Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex

  July 14-15, 2007

Abby is on a roll!  Northwoods Absolute Mischief (Abby to her friends) went Winners Bitch both days at the Shawnee Kennel Club Shows in Berryville, VA.  These wins put Abby two steps closer to her Championship title - just 2 more single points to go!  Stay tuned for news of more Mischief from Abby...


  July 9, 2007  - Rena has earned her BROM title!  Well, she actually earned it back in 2004, when her daughter Maxxi (CH Northwoods Take It T'The Limit, CD) completed the requirements for the CD title, but prior to now, maintaining the BROM list was quite a chore.  Weimaraner breeders everywhere should be eternally grateful to Sandy West, Al Patunoff, and Syd Smith for the countless hours they have spent designing, programming and updating data in the new WCA BROM database.  Here's a link:  http://www.wcaadmin.com/bromuser.aspx .  Take a look...it's awesome!!!

For those of you who may not know, the BROM stands for Bench Register of Merit, and it is a Weimaraner Club of America (WCA) title earned by sires and dams, based solely on the achievements of their offspring.  And, in my opinion, this is the most important title a dog can be awarded, as a dog consistently producing quality is really what its all about. 


  July 8, 2007

Mack is a new Champion!  River's son Mack (CH Ashcrof Mack's One for the Money)  has really been on a roll...his resume includes:

  • 4 point major - Old Dominion Kennel Club April 21, 2007
  • 4 point major - Valparaiso Kennel Club June 21, 2007
  • Best Dog, Central Futurity WCA / Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois June 22, 2007
  • 5 point major - Michiana Kennel Club June 23, 2007
  • 4 point major - National Capital Kennel Club, Inc. July 8, 2007

We are thrilled with how well River's puppies are doing.  We thank all the breeders for seeing River's potential as a sire, and the owners of River's puppies for giving them the opportunity to shine!


  June 23, 2007

Not to be outdone by her brother and nephew, Northwoods Absolute Mischief (a/k/a Abby) went Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners for a 5-point major at the Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois' Specialty Show held in conjunction with the Central Futurity / Maturity.  This wins means Abby stands at 11 points, including both majors.  She now needs just 4 single points to finish.   We are so very proud of all these kids...


  June 22, 2007 - All I can say is OMG!  We traveled out to Indiana for the WCA 2007 Central Futurity / Maturity, and guess what happened?

River (CH Northwoods A River Runs Through It), the WCA 2006 Eastern Futurity winner, nabbed the WCA 2007 Best Dog in Central Maturity award!

And then, as if that wasn't enough, River's son Mack (Ashcroft Mack's One for the Money), followed in his father's pawprints, garnering the WCA 2007 Best Dog in Central Futurity title!   But Mack didn't stop there.  He also went Winners Dog 2 of the days, earning one 4 and one 5-point major.  Mack now has 13 points (all major wins) toward the completion of his Championship title.  We are over the moon with excitement!  Shown below (left to right) is Breeder Judge Cheryl Lent, proud pappa River with co-owner and breeder Heidi, big winner Mack, with co-breeder and co-owner Lynn Baker.

With these wins, Phil and I are the proud owners of 5 Futurity / Maturity pewter dog trophies.  Other Northwoods Futurity / Maturity winners include:


  June 2, 2007 - Another River puppy finishes his Championship!  Dude (new Champion Quantrel's Moo-dee Bloos) completed his title with a bang!  Dude won a 5-point major at the Ladies Kennel Club show in Wrentham, MA, and then thrilled us by going Best of Opposite Sex over 2 male specials.  Dude's sister Sadie (Quantrel's Frosted Mocha Moo) is also doing her best to keep up with the boys!  Sadie now has 6 single points toward her Championship title!

Champion Dude


  News from the WCA 2007 National Specialty:

River wins First Place, Stud Dog competition!  Well, OK so he was the ONLY stud dog.  But, we were very proud to have River and 3 of his kids in the ring together showing their stuff. 

Shown below are (left to right):  Judge Kelly Photopoulos, Heidi & River, Nadine Todd & Dude, Lynn Baker & Mack, Keith Robinson & Sadie, with the Club's trophy presenter.



  May 19, 2007 - River's son 'Dade is now officially known as CH Mischief's O' Saudade de Arpoador !  'Dade finished his Championship at the Mattaponi Kennel Club show in Manassas, VA, even going Best of Opposite Sex over a male special.  We are very proud...  


March 3-4, 2007 - River babies did a clean sweep of the Maryland Sporting Dog sweepstakes!  On Saturday, Mischief's O Saudade De Arpoador (a.k.a. 'Dade - pronounced Dah-gee) went Best in Sweeps, while his half sister Sadie (Quantrel's Frosted Mocha Moo) earned Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps honors.  On Sunday, Sadie's littermate Dude (Quantrel's Moo-dee Bloos) went Best in Sweeps, while Sadie once again garnered the Best of Opposite Sex award.  We are just thrilled with these puppies!

                       Dude (left with breeder Nadine)                                                            Dude & Nadine
                                  Sadie (right with proud "Grandma" Heidi)

Dude is now a multiple Best in Sweeps winner, having taken the award at the inaugural Big Apple  Sporting Dog Association show preceding the Westminster Kennel Club event in February. 


  January 14, 2007  It's a three-peat!  River's son Dude takes Winner's Dog 3 days in a row!  All wins were from the 6-9 month puppy class.  

  January 13, 2007 - Whoo Hoo!  He's on a roll...Dude (Quantrel's Moo-dee Bloos) wins again!  Another beautiful puppy sired by our River ( CH Northwoods A River Runs Through It).



  Another River baby wins!  Quantrel's Moo-dee Bloos (a/k/a Dude) went Winner's Dog at the Niagara Falls Kennel Club show on January 12, 2007.  Not only was this just his 2nd show weekend, but it was the day of his 7-month birthday!  It was destiny...our rock n' roll Dude won under judge James Brown!  We are so thrilled!  Dude (CH Echobar's Toolin' Around Town x CH Northwoods A River Runs Through It) was bred by Nadine Todd (Quantrel Weimaraners) & Barbara Heumann, and is owned by Nadine Todd. 




CH Greyhawk Sage v. Silversmith, CD, JH, V, CGC, BROM, the foundation bitch for "Northwoods",  turned 14 on December 28th, 2006!  Sage is shown in the photo on the left, proudly sitting for her birthday portrait while sporting her new blue feather boa!  Every dog currently carrying the "Northwoods" prefix is directly descended from Sage, and we couldn't be prouder!

Click here and here to learn more about Sage and see her in action...


  Wow, is he on a roll!  We went to the shows in Bethlehem, PA on December 16 & 17th (who could resist going to Bethlehem the weekend before Christmas?) and guess what happened....'Dade won!  Not only does he now has 12 points and both majors, all earned in just 3 weekends (and the only 3 weekends he has ever been shown), but he topped it off by taking 2nd place in the Puppy Sporting Group!   I just love this dog...  

  November 25,2006...Oh my Gosh - he's 4 for 4!  Mischief's O Saudade De Arpoador wins again!   'Dade wins back-to-back majors at the Maryland Turkey Cluster shows!  It looks like he's following in his Daddy River's paw prints...  


River's son 'Dade is undefeated...winning Best of Winners at his first 3 dog shows!


Mischief's O Saudade De Arpoador
(Ch Northwoods A River Runs Through It x CH Mischief's Tail of Two Cities, JH)

Mischief's O Saudade De Arpoador is shown at left going Best of Winners at the Virginia Beach weekend, earning him 2 points his first 2 days out.  He followed this up with a 3-point major at the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club show on November 24, 2006.  All this and he's only 9 months old.  We are very proud of this River baby!

'Dade was bred by Janet and James Meyer, Mischief Weimaraners, and is owned by Patrick Little & Charles Morley and James & Janet Meyer



River wins BEST DOG in FUTURITY!

CH Northwoods A River Runs Through It
Best Dog, Eastern Futurity
October 7, 2006

River is turning out to be a breeders dream come true!  A champion at 9 1/2 months, River has gone on to win multiple Best of Breed wins, some of them over Top 5 / Top 10, and BIS specials!   Now, he's adding Futurity winner to his impressive list of achievements.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for this young dog...


  I have 6 years of catching up on News from the Northwoods!  Where to begin?

Rena finished 2000 and 2001 in the Top 10 list, for both Breed and All Breed (Group) points!  Along the way, she picked up the Best Bitch in Maturity award at the 2000 WCA Central Futurity / Maturity show.  She then retired from the ring to help us create our next generations of Northwoods weims. 

Bred to CH Nani's Concert Master, SH, Rena  produced:
               *  CH Northwoods Brady v Reiteralm
               *  CH Northwoods Take It To The Limit, CD
               *  CH Northwoods Brooke v Reiteralm

Rena was then bred to CH Northwoods King of the Road, CGC, producing CH Northwoods Secret Starseeker.

A 3rd, and very special, breeding of Rena to the frozen semen of Brae (CH Greywind's Jack Frost, CD) produced our CH Northwoods N' Greywind By Design (a.k.a. Gucci).  It is now Gucci (or, "the Gooch" as she seemingly likes to be called) who is producing our future generation of Northwoods winners!


Heidi & Jack Go BEST IN SHOW!!!

CH Unaka's Supernova Starman Son, ROM 
Bis_cole.jpg (43885 bytes)

So, you're probably wondering what a picture of a white bull terrier is doing on a Weimaraner web site!  Along with breeding and showing our own line of Weimaraners, I show quite a few other dogs.  I was lucky to be able to team up with this incredible dog in April, 2000.  What a year it's been!

Jack is the #1 White Bull Terrier for 2000 in all breed wins.  In just 8 months of showing, Jack has racked up

*  1 all breed Best in Show
*  2 Best in Specialty Show wins,
*  5 Group 1's
*  3 Group 2's
*  1 Group 3
*  2 Group 4's !

Stayed tuned to see what this beautiful white dog will be up to in 2001.  He just keeps getting better and better..

What has our Multiple BISS, Group Winning CH Northwood's Rena Von Reiteralm been up to lately? 

Well, she travelled down to Atlanta to capture the Best Bitch, WCA Southern Maturity award!  We are so proud of this dog!  And, the best part is, she LOVES doing it!  This win earned Phil and I our second breeder's trophy from the WCA, the coveted Futurity/Maturity Pewter Dog! 

Well, there she goes again...Rena captures yet another Best in Specialty Show win, going Best of Breed at the Weimaraner Club of the Washington DC Area's Specialty Show held October 1, 2000.





Renabiss.jpg (22015 bytes)



We think Rena may be a  bit of an over achiever...

She doesn't just do what we ask, she improves upon it!

We asked her to finish her bench championship.  "15 points and 2 majors is all you need," we said.   "No problem," she said, and finished with 17 points and 3 majors, including back-to-back 4 point majors, all from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class!

We waited a little while, and then brought her back out as a "Special" in hopes of winning a Best of Breed or two.  "Piece of cake," she said, and promptly won Best in Specialty Show at the Weimaraner Association of Greater Pittsburgh specialty held in conjunction with the WCA Eastern Futurity/Maturity.   

But, that wasn't enough.  "Challenge me", she said!  Well, she picked up a few more Breed wins, and we thought, " a Group placement would be nice."  And she said.....

RenaGr1.JPG (25467 bytes)

"Will a Sporting Group 1 be OK?"

Yeah, Rena, that'll be just fine...



Another New Champion in the Northwoods!

What a thrill it was when "Annie" finished her Championship with a 5 point major, going Best of Winners at the Weimaraner Club of the Washington DC Area's spring specialty show!!!  Our new Champion defeated a field of 29 dogs and 31 bitches, showing she has what it takes to carry that CH in front of her name!


Also at the WCWDCA Specialty Show, CH Northwoods Enchanted Forest, CD, JH, V, CGC , "Aspen", teamed up with Junior Handler and new co-owner Joe Smela to capture the Best Junior Handler title! 

Norman N' Greywind Playn' To Win, "Annie" was in the blue and purple with the following wins:

   Winner's Bitch, Camden Kennel Club, February 26, 2000  (3 point major)
  Best of Winners, Camden Kennel Club, February 27, 2000 (2 points)
Best of Winners, Twin Brooks Kennel Club, March 26, 2000 (2 points)
Best of Winners, Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, March 31, 2000 (1pt)
Best of Winners, Laurel Highlands Kennel Club, April 2, 2000 (1 point)

There's another New Champion in the Northwoods!

Rena (pictured winning her first major under Judge Jean Fournier) finished her Championship with 2 more back-to-back majors at the Annapolis Kennel Club and Maryland Kennel Club shows held in Baltimore, MD on 2/19-20, 2000!

Rena3.JPG (23929 bytes)

Ending the dog showing millennium on a high note, Northwoods Rena von Reiteralm, "Rena", was awarded Winner's Bitch at the LeHigh Valley Kennel Club show on Sunday December 19, 1999

"Annie", Norman N' Greywind Playn' To Win, has racked up the following wins on her quest for her championship:

      Best of Winners, Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club, October 24, 1999 
      Best of Winners, Forsyth Kennel Club, December 11, 1999
      Best of Winners, Carolina Kennel Club, December 12, 1999



CH Northwood's King of the Road, CGC"Tripp" won Best of Breed at the Salisbury Kennel Club show on September 5, 1999

WCA 1999 Western Futurity
August 27, 1999
1st Place Junior Bitch

RenaFut2.jpg (19454 bytes)

Northwoods Rena Von Reiteralm

Sire: CH Nani's Rudy Valley v Reiteralm, BROM
Dam: CH Greyhawk Sage v Silversmith, CD, JH, V, BROM

August 1st was a good day to be in the Northwoods...

"Rena" is pictured going Best of Winners from the Bred by Exhibitor class at the Southern Maryland Kennel Club show on Sunday, August 1st 1999
Meanwhile, in the Northeast, "Madison" (Back-of-B'yond's Bad to the Bone) went Best of Winners and Best of Breed from the 12-18 month class at the Elm City Kennel Club show!  "Madison" was sired by our "Tripp" (CH Northwoods King of the Road, CGC), and we couldn't be more proud!  
Mad-BOB.JPG (8888 bytes)

Norman N' Greywind
Playn' To Win

Bad to The Bone

Annie Madison


"Annie" won Best in Sweeps and "Madison" won Best of Opposite in Sweeps at the Garden State Weimaraner Club Specialty Show on Sunday, May 30.

Northwoods Cedar Glide (a.k.a. "Clyde the Glide") won Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the Trap Falls Kennel Club show on November 7, 1998 under Judge Jim Burns.  "Clyde", owned by Ted and Sharon Greene, now just needs that one elusive point to finish his Championship!

CH Northwoods River to Graytsky, JH, SD, NRD, V, NAVHDA "Rio", owned by Amy & Michael Anderson, won Best of Breed and on to a Group 4 on Friday, 11/6/98 at Salisbury MD KC.

The youngest of the Northwoods Weims has started having some fun too! "Cassidy" (Northwoods Magical Forest) earned her first title, NSD, at the WCWDCA Shooting Ratings on October 17th.

"Cassidy's" sister "Rena" (Northwoods Rena v. Reiteralm) also found the
birds and earned her NSD at the Shooting Ratings on October 17th.     "Rena" is owned by Virginia Alexander and Heidi Warren.

CH Northwoods Enchanted Forest, JH has added a "CD" to her name! "Aspen" earned the 3rd leg of her obedience title at the Middleburg Kennel Club show on October 24th, placing 3rd with a score of 188.5!  This new title also makes "Aspen" eligible for a Versatile rating.

CH Northwoods Enchanted Forest, JH "Aspen", and CH Northwoods King of the Road "Tripp" earned their Canine Good Citizen titles at the Chestnut Ridge Dog Training Center on August 2, 1998.

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