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Submitted by the WCA Board of Directors to the membership

This code is established in accordance with the objectives of the Weimaraner Club of America and is set forth as a guideline to protect and advance the interests of the Weimaraner by maintaining high breeding standards and by encouraging sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, field trials, obedience trials, and tracking tests. Adherence to the code is strongly recommended.


The Breeder shall:

  1. Breed only with the intentions of improving the breed, and finding suitable homes for the puppies.
  2. Choose only healthy parents of good temperament and qualities in relation to the Weimaraner 's AKC-approved official standard, and whose hips have been X-rayed and certified free from hip dysplasia by either the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or any ABVR certified veterinarian .
  3. Not use dogs with hereditary defects or disqualifying faults for breeding.
  4. Breed only mature bitches with excellent pre-natal and post-natal care for the dam and puppies.
  5. Refuse to breed a stud to any female which is markedly inferior physically, mentally, or temperamentally.


    The owner shall maintain the best possible standards of canine health, cleanliness and veterinary care, including mental health such as contact with people and exposure to the outside world.


    The owner shall breed only AKC registered Weimaraners with other AKC registered Weimaraners, and keep accurate records of matings and pedigrees.


The owner shall:

  1. Not breed, sell, or consign puppies or adults to pet shops or other commercial dealers.
  2. Urge puppy purchasers to spay or neuter all pets which for any reason will not be used for breeding.
  3. Honestly evaluate the quality of the Weimaraner sold and fairly represent that evaluation.
  4. Not release puppies before they are seven weeks of age and furnish details on feeding, general care, medical inoculations and care, pedigrees, etc.
  5. Screen all prospective buyers to assure that puppies will have a safe and loving home.
  6. Follow up on puppies after the sale to insure their continuing care and to encourage the owners to become involved in Weimaraner activities in show, obedience, field, and tracking.


    The owner shall always conduct himself in a manner which will reflect credit upon himself, his Weimaraner and the Sport of purebred dogs, regardless of the location or circumstance.

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